Some Tips for a Good Tinnitus Diet

There are some foods to avoid if you want to minimize the volume or sound level of the ringing in your ears.

Mostly, you should avoid salty fast food and focus on healthy vegetables and use olive oil when ever you can. Try to eat plenty of fresh fruit and lean meat and fish. Basically if you eat a healthy diet that avoids preservatives and yes, avoids some of the good things in life like caffeine and alcohol, you will notice some reduction in the volume of your ringing ears. If you follow this diet, you will also reap other benefits like weight loss and when combined with exercise, you will burn fat off of your body. So, for a little sacrifice, you could really benefit while feeling great, looking great, and hearing better. That sounds like a winning combination to me.

What’s With Those Earplugs?

I remember one time a year or so ago, that I went to a nightclub well prepared. What am I talking about? Did I bring condoms in case I got lucky? No nothing that exciting. I actually brought some earplugs because I had ringing ears, and I didn’t want to aggravate that annoying problem by making it unbearable. So, when the band got too loud, I reached in my pocket and put these bright orange foam earplugs in.

I’m sure nobody would have noticed in a dark club, but they seemed to be almost fluorescent so they glowed in the dark. People started noticing these bright orange things in my ears and pointed at me. A little embarrassing yes, but you know what? They were very effective and I could still hear people talking, so I said to myself what the hell. The next time, I brought some smaller more discreet earplugs so I wouldn’t draw attention to myself. I highly recommend my strategy to anyone, so they can preserve their hearing or at least avoid making it worse.