Can Chiropractic Treatment Help With Tinnitus?

Most of us that suffer from tinnitus would be willing to try anything to get relief from those annoying sounds in our ears. However, if we don’t see any improvement once we have researched and experimented with all the well known treatments for ringing ears, we may start to feel a bit dejected. Once that state of mind sets in we may decide we have to just accept our fate and live with it, or we may choose to move on to more unconventional treatments as a last resort.

I believe chiropractic treatment would fall under the latter category since there is no clear connection between the spine, neck, and ears. Most of what a chiropractor does involves realigning the spine, working on joints, and dealing with soft tissue injuries that could have been caused by a car accident, playing sports, or in some cases regular routine tasks. The first chiropractor was Daniel Palmer of ¬†Davenport, Iowa. He had many professions before turning his attention to healing and manipulating the spine in 1895. Incredibly, one of his first patients was a man with very poor hearing who claimed that his condition was caused by a crack in his back. Palmer found a bulge in his back and manipulated his spine to correct the problem. The patient and Palmer claimed that the man’s hearing improved after that.

Chiropractors believe that the body is one big system with energy and one body part can affect any other body part.They also believe that most ailments can be treated and possibly cured without the use of expensive drugs that are promoted by large multinational corporations that are beholden to shareholders. Whether you believe in their methods or not, it may be worth the $50 to $100 cost of one treatment to explore this further. There are not many documented cases of chiropractors curing tinnitus, but what have you got to lose if you have tried everything else?

The practitioners at Champion chiropractic don’t claim to be able to cure your tinnitus, but they do believe that if you fix any noticeable problems with your spine and neck, you could see some improvement with your ringing ears, simply because your body no longer has to react to something that is out of sync. At the very least, the rest of your body will feel much better, especially if you also get a massage. They also feel that people are too quick to go to a medical doctor for any ailment where they are almost certain to be prescribed a medication that could cause side effects that are in many cases worse than the problem it is supposed to fix. They believe they can help most people with the exception of life threatening emergencies.

Dana White’s Treatments for Meniere’s Disease

If you don’t know who he is, Dana White is the president of the UFC, which is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Regardless of whether you are a fan, or one of those people that think the sport is barbaric, you might want to learn about his experiences while trying to manage and cure his Meniere’s disease.meniere's disease

Dana used to suffer from debilitating bouts of Meniere’s disease where he would be incapacitated for hours or days at a time. Once he had had enough, he decided to try surgery to improve his condition. This involved cutting his head open behind the ear so the surgeon could insert a stent. You can watch the entire surgery on the video here where you can see all the gory details.His recovery time was long and frustrating,accentuated by the fact that it was painfully apparent that the surgery has not been successful. In fact, it seemed like the problem had gotten worse. He now also had tinnitus and more even more bouts of Meniere’s.

Then he heard about a revolutionary procedure that was being performed in Germany which involved taking a lot of your blood and doing some kind of processing to it, and injecting it back into you a day later. They kept enough of the blood to do another injection 3 months later. In another video here, Dana talks about how he felt after this procedure and how at first it didn’t seem to have done anything. However, after a few days, he started feeling better, and eventually felt great. He mentions in the video that a lot of celebrities and sports stars have been to this clinic and that you must get a referral to go there. The big surprise is that it cost only around $10,000 when he was expecting a much higher price tag.

The procedure apparently tackles the issue of inflammation on the joints and nerves, which may be the reason that this procedure worked on him since Meniere’s is affected by nerve damage. The clinic never promised Dana that the treatment would work on him, but they were confident that it would. Will it work for your ailment? it is hard to say, but if you are suffering from something related to inflammation, and you have tried everything else, it may be a good thing to try if you can afford it.

Dana also expresses his opinion on the state of the US healthcare system and how this procedure is illegal in the states because the country is so litigious with lawyers running around trying to sue everyone for anything. He says that there is nothing like this procedure available in the United States.


Relaxing Sounds for your Tinnitus

I don’t know about this one, but if you are desperate and have tried everything you might want to listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean. If only to try and relieve your stress and in turn maybe relieve your ringing in the ears. Give it a try and let me know what you think.