Tinnitus or Ringing of the Ears

What is ringing of the ears?

The technical term is Tinnitus, but most people just say ringing of the ears.

It is when a person hears a high frequency sound, buzzing, or hissing that no one else hears.

Sometimes the sounds are constant, and sometimes they come and go. Also the sounds can come and go at the same rate as your heartbeat or breathing. The type of Tinnitus that pulsates is called Pulsatile, while the type that stays constant is called Nonpulsatile.

Ringing of the ears is more common with men than women and usually starts in the forties.

Most tinnitus is actually caused by some sort of hearing loss, and the ringing sounds along with the hearing loss can make it difficult to hear conversations, especially in a crowded room with lots of people talking.

Some of the suspected causes are


  •  Too much wax in your ears especially if it is hard
  • Jaw problems such as TMJ
  •  Nasal problems caused by allergies
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Injuries caused by a hit to the head
  •  Ear infections
  •  Meniere’s disease
  • Thyroid problems

Most ringing of the ears is nothing more than an annoyance, but for some people it can really affect their lives by tormenting them every minute of the day and while they try to sleep at night. For these people it becomes necessary to find out how to stop your ears from ringing . While serious causes should be ruled out by a doctor, most people do not need medical attention. For those that can’t take the constant torture of the sounds in their head, there are many holistic solutions that have helped or cured many people.

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