What’s With Those Earplugs?

I remember one time a year or so ago, that I went to a nightclub well prepared. What am I talking about? Did I bring condoms in case I got lucky? No nothing that exciting. I actually brought some earplugs because I had ringing ears, and I didn’t want to aggravate that annoying problem by making it unbearable. So, when the band got too loud, I reached in my pocket and put these bright orange foam earplugs in.

I’m sure nobody would have noticed in a dark club, but they seemed to be almost fluorescent so they glowed in the dark. People started noticing these bright orange things in my ears and pointed at me. A little embarrassing yes, but you know what? They were very effective and I could still hear people talking, so I said to myself what the hell. The next time, I brought some smaller more discreet earplugs so I wouldn’t draw attention to myself. I highly recommend my strategy to anyone, so they can preserve their hearing or at least avoid making it worse.


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